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Metabolite IDPAMDB000400
Name: Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate
Description:Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) is the active form of vitamin B6 serving as a coenzyme for reactions involving transamination, deamination, and decarboxylation. PLP also is necessary for the enzymatic reaction governing the release of glucose from glycogen. During transamination of amino acids, pyridoxal phosphate is transiently converted into pyridoxamine phosphate (pyridoxamine). -- It is the active form of vitamin B6 which comprises three natural organic compounds, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine and pyridoxine. -- Wikipedia
  • Apolon B6
  • Biosechs
  • Codecarboxylase
  • Coenzyme B6
  • Hairoxal
  • Hexermin-P
  • Hi-Pyridoxin
  • Hiadelon
  • Himitan
  • PAL-P
  • Phosphopyridoxal
  • Phosphopyridoxal coenzyme
  • Pidopidon
  • Piodel
  • PLP
  • Pydoxal
  • Pyr5'P
  • Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate
  • Pyridoxal 5'-phosphoric acid
  • Pyridoxal 5-phosphate
  • Pyridoxal 5-phosphoric acid
  • Pyridoxal P
  • Pyridoxal phosphate
  • Pyridoxal phosphoric acid
  • Pyridoxal-5P
  • Pyridoxal-P
  • Pyridoxyl phosphate
  • Pyridoxyl phosphoric acid
  • Pyromijin
  • Sechvitan
  • Vitahexin-P
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitazechs
Chemical Formula: C8H10NO6P
Average Molecular Weight: 247.1419
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight: 247.024573569
CAS number: 54-47-7
IUPAC Name:[(4-formyl-5-hydroxy-6-methylpyridin-3-yl)methoxy]phosphonic acid
Traditional IUPAC Name: pyridoxal phosphate
Chemical Taxonomy
Taxonomy DescriptionThis compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as pyridoxals and derivatives. These are compounds containing a pyridoxal moiety, which consists of a pyridine ring substituted at positions 2,3,4, and 5 by a methyl group, a hydroxyl group, a carbaldehyde group, and a hydroxymethyl group, respectively.
Kingdom Organic compounds
Super ClassOrganoheterocyclic compounds
Class Pyridines and derivatives
Sub ClassPyridine carboxaldehydes
Direct Parent Pyridoxals and derivatives
Alternative Parents
  • Pyridoxal
  • Methylpyridine
  • Hydroxypyridine
  • Monoalkyl phosphate
  • Aryl-aldehyde
  • Alkyl phosphate
  • Phosphoric acid ester
  • Organic phosphoric acid derivative
  • Organic phosphate
  • Heteroaromatic compound
  • Vinylogous acid
  • Azacycle
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Organonitrogen compound
  • Carbonyl group
  • Aldehyde
  • Aromatic heteromonocyclic compound
Molecular Framework Aromatic heteromonocyclic compounds
External Descriptors
Physical Properties
State: Solid
Melting point: 255 °C
Experimental Properties:
Water Solubility:28 mg/mL [HMP experimental]PhysProp
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility5.7 mg/mLALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic)1.68ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)4.11ChemAxon
Physiological Charge-2ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count6ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count3ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area116.95 Å2ChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count4ChemAxon
Refractivity54.75 m3·mol-1ChemAxon
Polarizability20.9 Å3ChemAxon
Number of Rings1ChemAxon
Rule of FiveYesChemAxon
Ghose FilterYesChemAxon
Veber's RuleYesChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Biological Properties
Cellular Locations: Cytoplasm
Spectrum TypeDescriptionSplash Key
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (1 MEOX; 3 TMS)splash10-0gb9-2690000000-c9bacb7e657461e28407View in MoNA
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - GC-MSNot Available
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - Quattro_QQQ 10V, Positive (Annotated)splash10-0f6t-0690000000-4aa57f3f28f0bdef9dcfView in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - Quattro_QQQ 25V, Positive (Annotated)splash10-0fxx-8900000000-ee972556340c61650528View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - Quattro_QQQ 40V, Positive (Annotated)splash10-014l-9100000000-3cc29fb51820adecd59cView in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QQ (API3000, Applied Biosystems) 10V, Negativesplash10-0002-0090000000-9b86e80a9dd0de14ab59View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QQ (API3000, Applied Biosystems) 20V, Negativesplash10-03dj-9800000000-9313aa9cbf19bc6311c5View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QQ (API3000, Applied Biosystems) 30V, Negativesplash10-0002-9500000000-7ce120a58879e2214ce5View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QQ (API3000, Applied Biosystems) 40V, Negativesplash10-004j-9200000000-7e6bd8c298613e59fb5dView in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QQ (API3000, Applied Biosystems) 50V, Negativesplash10-004i-9000000000-4c05178b1645bf01f3faView in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QTOF (UPLC Q-Tof Premier, Waters) , Positivesplash10-0udi-3920000000-6c5e6106f5658d1d6c50View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QTOF (UPLC Q-Tof Premier, Waters) , Positivesplash10-0udi-3920000000-f96097815e6922356131View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QTOF (UPLC Q-Tof Premier, Waters) , Negativesplash10-002b-9000000000-2c4e243699a95e3a0f88View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QTOF (UPLC Q-Tof Premier, Waters) , Negativesplash10-002b-9000000000-8aa111485891af9f0d02View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Positivesplash10-0f6t-1790000000-1dcb07cd1110c71f7005View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Positivesplash10-0udi-0900000000-ca6aab7f31a36863a417View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Positivesplash10-0udi-9800000000-053802b9c0533d7943eaView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Negativesplash10-0002-9080000000-12ca63d34d39d59f6b42View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Negativesplash10-004i-9000000000-144099ec201adbbc4684View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Negativesplash10-004i-9000000000-70a9559d65e78c488e7eView in MoNA
1D NMR1H NMR SpectrumNot Available
1D NMR1H NMR SpectrumNot Available
1D NMR13C NMR SpectrumNot Available
2D NMR[1H,1H] 2D NMR SpectrumNot Available
2D NMR[1H,13C] 2D NMR SpectrumNot Available
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Synthesis Reference: Not Available
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